Tony Robbins’s 5 Steps To Become A Public Figure

Would you forego a top paying job to become a household name?

Research from YouGov discovered that more than a quarter of millennials would. And millennials aren’t the only ones.

More and more people of all ages want to become public figures.

Build a personal brand and well… get their name known.

So what’s the trick to becoming a public figure?

Who better to ask than Tony Robbins…

when he was 25, wanting to become a BIG name.

(Based on his results, he didn’t do to bad ;-)

There are 5 steps.

Watch Tony share them here:

This is vintage NLP, recorded in 1985 at Tony’s castle in Del Mar, California.

36 years on can you see how much the distinctions and ideas Tony learned from applying NLP on himself and are still evident in how he acts today.



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