The SECRET To Get Your Friends And Family To Change...

Every minute of every hour, somewhere in the world, someone fails miserably at getting their friends or family to change.

Millions experience this frustration every single day.

Sometimes several times in the one day ;-)

Even when the consequences of not changing are SERIOUS for the ones we love.

It can seem like they have a force field that instantly repels all efforts to change.

So what’s the secret to get your friends and family to change?

The answer may surprise you...

The challenge to having others change is not in them, it’s with YOU.

Change your behaviour ... and you'll change them.

I know that’s not what you were thinking but hear me out…

Our greatest adversary is not that change is hard.

Our greatest adversary is in ourselves.

How you are seeing things.

(Or more to the point, how you are not seeing things so change becomes easy.)

Unfortunately our best intentions aren't enough.

If your intention for family and friends to change were sufficient by itself, they would have changed already, right?

So if you want them to change and struggle to do so... need to change how you approach things.

Not repeat past mistakes or blindly wing it.

Which is what most folks do.

Specifically you need to know how to intervene so it’s effective.

And by intervene I don’t mean:

“Tell it to them straight”

“Hit’em with some home truths”

“Educate them on why they need to change”

Educate Yourself

You know…

“Mum, if you don’t kick your sugar addiction you are going to get diabetes and lose your eyesight!” 

Mother: “Oh stop being so dramatic darling!” 

“Brother, if you keep smoking you’re going to get cancer and die young.” 

Brother: “Blah, blah, blah... I’m alive now aren’t I? I’ll do what I want. You worry about your life and I’ll take care of mine, OK?” 

“Dad, you know the doctor told you that you have to get your cholesterol under control, so you need to eat more greens and salads!” 

Father: “I’d prefer to die before I eat another salad!”

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So what would you do?

How would you lead them to change?

The above are just some of the responses I’ve heard from friends and clients who have tried to change family members who have serious health issues.

Each failed because they didn’t know the RIGHT MOVES to intervening successfully.

(There’s only a handful of moves you need to know that will make a dramatic difference.)

If you are the go-to people helper amongst your friends and family, if you are a leader at work or want to be, if you are a paid people helper…

…it’s really worth knowing them.

Problem is no one teaches you the secrets to intervening like true change masters.

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I'm Tom.

Everyone has something they’d like to change in their life. I’m here to help you transform the behaviours that get in your way so you can have the life you really want.

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