How To Train Your Mind To Get What You Want

When Will Smith was a young boy, his Dad gave him and his little brother a massive job… 

…to build a WALL! 

Right in the front of the family shop.  

“Boys, see that crumbling wall. I want you to build me a new one. The supplies are out the back.” 

The boys were dumbstruck.  

They couldn’t even think of completing a job as big as this. The wall was 30 feet long and 16 feet high.  

“Dad, we’ll never do that!” 

Dad: “You will now start by digging a 6-foot hole for the foundations. Then add one brick at a time.” 

Much grumbling ensued … but the boys knew not to argue with Dad. 

Every day for a YEAR and HALF, after school, Will and his little brother mixed concrete and added new bricks.  

Little by little the wall began to be formed. 

At last, the final day arrived - they proudly placed their final brick on the wall.  

Their Dad came out of his shop, smiled and said: 

“Don’t ever tell me you can’t do something”  

and walked back into his shop. 

From that moment on, the size of any future goal would never become a problem. 

As Will later said: 

That experience taught me you don’t try to build a wall, you don’t set out to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall that’s ever been built.  

You don’t start there, you say - I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid. There is not going to be one brick that is going to be laid better on this earth than in this next 10 minutes. 

And you do that every single day.  

And soon you have a wall.” 

Psychologically we all set limits on ourselves.  

But almost all of those limits are self-imposed and reinforced by our MIND. 

The game becomes, how can I go beyond them? 

It starts with changing your MINDSET. 

Watch as Will Smith shares:

How To Train Your Mind To Get What You Want

Will tells the story beautifully.

Combine what he says with the distinctions above and you instantly begin to train your brain to see and seize new possibilities.

To go move beyond your limits.

Learning to use NLP on yourself every day, gives you the technology to break through your limits.

To achieve much more, one ‘brick’ at a time.

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