A Really Powerful Skill Used By Hostage Negotiators...

One of the most useful skills you can ever learn is how to put ideas inside other people’s minds where they aren’t even aware you triggered it.


Because human beings are far more likely to act on their own thoughts than they are when you push your thoughts into them.

There’s lots of ways to do this.

It’s kind of like Inception but better.

Take a common context you might want to do this - like when persuading.

Let’s say you have a pitch or proposal to deliver.

And instead of you explicitly telling the target person(s) why you are a safe pair of hands to do this with, you communicated to them in a way where all the reasons why they should work with you automatically were generated by them – from within their own mind…

That would be pretty powerful, right?

It’s very much possible.

In fact, these kinds of advanced communication tactics are used by elite hostage negotiators and sales professionals in high stakes situations every single day.

One way to do this is to ask a very special kind of why question.

If you have been taught (in NLP) that you should never ask ‘Why?’ – think again.

Why, in the right context and framed in the right way can be a very powerful tool.

See an example of how to do so by watching the video below:

Watch ex-FBI Hostage Negotiator Chris Voss reveal a secret way to use ‘Why’

That’s used by elite hostage negotiators and sales professionals.

It’s just one example of so many ways one can have ideas pop up inside people’s mind without them ever knowing it.

Public Broadcast Announcement ;-)

…learning to intentionally place ideas inside other people’s minds without their awareness is a very potent skill and like all such advanced skills should be used responsibly and ethically.

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