The #1 Skill Jason Bourne, Sherlock Homes & CIA All Use

If you want to be more effective in situations big or small there is one skill that elite operators, spies and top performers of all share…

Situation Awareness

In Hollywood, Jason Bourne is a classic example of an operator who demonstrates exceptional situational awareness.

He thinks differently – by using his attention differently.

Sherlock Holmes frequently demonstrated a fantastic ability to notice the seemingly unimportant, capture and composite data in vivid ways to make huge breakthroughs in ‘impossible’ cases everyone else missed.

You don’t need to be a Spy or a Super Detective to enjoy the benefits Situation Awareness can bring to your life.

Situation Awareness is an everyday skill that top performers, NLPers and elite coaches have learned to become good at.

In fact, it might just save your life.

As Clint Emerson, retired Navy SEAL and author shares:

“The last thing you want to do is make a decision in crisis.  But if you are paying attention to the environment you are in, in a very methodical way, you are undoubtedly ready to react in a way that you should - that you have trained your brain to.”

Situation Awareness is a life skill everyone can get better at.

As NLPers, if you can’t notice the big things, you’re going to struggle to notice the small signals that occur before big things happen.

This is true for staying safe as it is for having exceptional interpersonal skills where you can notice and respond to small changes in a person’s demeanour before they are even aware consciously that they are communicating it.

It’s one of the ways people who are great at creating change and acting in ways that are far more effective than others, have learned to develop.

So how do you get started?

I recommend you…

Watch the video below on Situation Awareness.

Former Navy Seal Clint Emerson breaks down the big chunks about Situational Awareness as applied to personal safety.

This skill might get you out of a jam.

Practice using your attention deliberately to notice your environment and how you operate.

Notice the relative level of attention/inattention of yourself and those around you.

By learning to raise your situational awareness you open up your ability to detect more signal and less noise in your environment and then in your relationships.

 Test it out.

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