Could This Be The Most Perfect Definition of Winners?

From a few years old we’re all taught that in life there are winners and there are losers.

And it’s more rewarding (and important) to be a winner, right?

In our culture, we worship winners.

Some athletes, like the disgraced Lance Armstrong believed that…

“Losing and dying are the same thing.”

He was that serious about winning.

It’s no surprise that he was willing to do anything to win.

But winning by cheating isn’t winning.

It's just cheating.

So what’s the difference between winners and losers?

It’s best summed up by legendary track coach Brother Colm O'Connell, who explains that:


Read that again.

That’s about as perfect a definition as you can get.

And it’s the attitude and practice you want to foster if you want to be a winner.

Brother Colm ought to know what he’s talking about.

His name is synonymous with success in sports.

He’s produced more world champions and Olympic champions in track and field than any other coach. 32 world champions, and 5 have won Olympic gold medals.

No wonder in Kenya, which produces the world’s fastest runners, he’s fondly called the “Godfather of Kenyan running.”

Reading that quote got me thinking….

In NLP way too many people have mistaken titles and pieces of paper as equating to skills.

Skill is not something you get when you attend a training.

It’s the fruit of practice.

But not just any kind of practice, but applying the technology of NLP in very particular ways.

An important part includes:

Learning from your mistakes. Your failures. Your screw ups!

Looking defeat in the face and saying:

“Not today!”

Learning to do things in such a way where — you can’t help but get better year after year.

It’s about working with the tech in a way that is the complete OPPOSITE of how most people train.

Where you can become 2x, 5x, even 10x better at creating specific results with NLP by changing a few key things about how you practice…

I’ll share more in a future email.

For now, ask yourself:

“How do I evaluate defeat?”

When you struggle to accomplish things do you bitch and moan or do you use defeat to your advantage?

Practice using defeat to your advantage. It’s what winners and elite performers do every single day.

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