How To Forge Mental Toughness (VIDEO)

What does it take to change your life?


Specifically, a willingness for you to fully participate in your life.

  • Taking responsibility for your choices.
  • Choosing to set a direction for your life.
  • ​And developing real mental toughness…

… so no matter what happens, you have the grit to keep moving forward.

To get after your dreams and goals.

Grit or mental toughness is something many people misunderstand.

It’s not a technique, it’s a way of life.

It’s not something you develop when life throws you a curveball, it’s a muscle that you build every day.

David Googins, former Navy Seal and the bestselling author gets it.

He went from weighing 297 pounds “going nowhere” in his life to today, considered as one of the greatest endurance athletes of all time.

Completing over 60 ultra-endurance races (including one 205-mile race) and running more than 7,000 miles in a single year.

Here’s what he learned from going from a guy who had no self-esteem and submitting to whatever life threw at him to being someone who is now fully participating in his life.

“If you can get through doing things you don’t like to do, on the other side is greatness.

For me running - I still hate it, I’m not training for a race … I’m training for life. I’m training for that time when I get the 2 am call saying my mom is dead or something tragic happens in life - I don’t fall apart.

I’m training my mind, my body, my spirit so I can handle whatever life is going to throw at me.Life throws a whole lot at you. If you’re not physically and mentally prepared for that, you are just going to crumble.”

So how do you build mental toughness?

David shares his take and story of transformation in this excellent video...

Success leaves clues.

As NLPers we can codify patterns of success anywhere we find them.

Apply the process David shares and I promise you; you will start seeing powerful results fast.

Go check it out.

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