Seek Transformation Not Information

When champion free diver Kimi Werner was getting ready to dive, something very big began to swim up from the murky water below…

...a great white shark…

…about 5 METERS long swam quickly towards Kimi who was completely unaware she was only seconds away from one of the largest predators on the planet.

Her camera man frantically waived at her for attention.

Turning around, she spotted the greatest white shark she had ever seen.

Instantly she felt a surge of adrenaline flood through her body.

Fear told her to swim towards the boat as quickly as she could.

But she remembered the best advice she had ever received from world champion freediver Martin Štěpánek:

“When you feel the need to speed up, slow down”

So she did the opposite of what we’ve all seen in movies – she swam towards the shark.

What happened next reminded me of something frequently missed by students of personal development and NLP.

Every year millions of people buy courses, attend workshops and read books on how to better themselves.

Yet research shows most people fail to complete the stuff they start. They pursue ‘information’ instead of transformation.

Information ages quickly.

Transformation can last a lifetime.

The solution I recommended to students who want to really change their life is SLOW DOWN.

Don’t jump from one course to another, one book to another without applying at least one thing of what you are exposed to.

Find a way to make the workshops, courses and books you read transformational, not informational.

Do this and you’ll instantly change your life.

When Kami slowed down, she realised:

“I can’t outswim a great white.”

That moment of clarity triggered for her an idea:

Do the opposite.

So she swam toward the shark.

It backed off.When the shark swam up again towards Kimi, she swam down towards it.

This happened several times.

By slowing down, a different result could occur.

What started as one of the scariest moments of her life, ended up being one of the most beautiful moment ever caught on camera with a great white.

(The magic moment between Kimi and the shark is at 3:57)

Slow down to speed up.

Seek transformation not information.

It will change your life.

Kimi’s story is a story of transformation, of slowing down to speed up. She also happens to reveal the secret to true fulfilment not just success.

Enjoy it…

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