Weird! Strange. And True.

Most of us know that we have automated programming and conditioning in our lives, but probably not to the full extent that it’s REALLY running our lives.

If you are serious about being more successful; it’s really useful to pay attention to the following idea.

Free Will May Be An Illusion.

Stick with me. It will be worth your time.

Have you ever noticed that there are things you could be doing that if you did them you know you would be more successful?

But for some head-scratching reason you don’t.

Your mouth says one thing like “I’ll work out 3 times a week” but your body laughs and says “Sure, I’m saying home!”.

It happens to the best of us.

As soon as the TV is on your butt gravitates to the sofa, like a small ship caught in a huge black hole before you even notice it.

Once you are in range and see the sofa seat, you notice your body already begins to fall back, like it was a pre-programmed free fall.

You begin to sit down, the program starts and won’t complete until you ass is firmly in the seat, tv on and your attention has been hooked.

Or maybe you would love to do like be more confident at work, be better with the opposite sex or in present confidently but for some unknown reason you repeatedly muck things up.

What if I told you, you weren’t mad.

You aren’t ‘broken’ or indeed that there is nothing wrong with you at all!

[If this was a scene from the movie Inception, this is the part where we drop down into another level of our collective sub-consciousness.

Ain’t seen Inception? Get a copy and watch it, it’s a kick ass movie.]

Anyhoo the dominant belief held by most people today is that we are the ones who decide, that we have conscious choice and chose our actions.

High five all round for free will!

Ahh if things were just so easy that we simply set some goals and everything came together like we had our own 24x7 cosmic butler saying:

“You rang?”

Here’s the thing:

Every one of us has has become conditioned to a status quo.

In specific contexts you act a particular way.

You can predict it.

Those patterns or programs don’t change just because you have read a self-help book on gone on another course.

The thing that seems to cause your ass to gravitate to the seat for another rerun of your favourite show or the program that causes you to freeze up and face flush red when you’re around a beautiful woman (or man) you like has been operating in the background for a LOT longer than your ‘conscious’ mind.

Michael Breen and I call it the robot.

The body of habits that keep things the same way.

The thing whose job is to maintain the status quo.

It doesn’t care about your goals.

It wants to do more of the same.

When you are trying to make a change you are going up against the status quo.

The robot.

However your conscious mind as you know it, is a much later evolutionary development that the robot.

In fact your conscious mind is the last one to know about information coming in from the nervous system.

Guess who gets to evaluate it first?

That’s right - the robot.

Just like the fish who doesn’t realise it is in water, the human mind doesn’t realise it has an inside out view of the world.

You’d literally be flabbergasted if you could see, hear and feel all the things you don’t notice that are going on around you.

Our brain has to filter most of the noise out and is very selective about what signal it sends up to your conscious mind for processing.

Neuroscience research done over the past decade is coming to a mind bending conclusion.

It’s causing quite a stir.

The idea that has philosophers and scientists up in arms:

Free will itself may be an illusion.

I won’t dive into all the research today, but one recent study worth nothing carried was completed in London in 2008.

A group of neuroscientists used an fMRI machine, a brain scanning tool, to scan volunteers brains while they had them decide between pressing two different buttons.

What happened next surpassed even the researchers expectations.

60% of the time they could predict which button the participants would press, up to ten seconds before they became aware of the intention to act!

Other studies have confirmed similar outcomes.

That’s both incredibly cool, alarming and exciting.

While the idea that free will may be an illusion isn’t fully accepted by everyone, as students of NLP it could be an important piece of the puzzle as to why you mouth says one thing but you find your body does something else.

Thankfully we don’t need to go all bird crazy and start speaking in tongues.

The take-away is this:

The governor behind at least 60% (current estimates) if not much more of your behaviour is not the part you call your conscious mind.

The bit you identify as yourself.

It’s the robot - the body of habits and automated responses that runs 24x7.

It gets first dibs on what you are going to do more than half of the time.

So if you find yourself doing ‘dumb shit’, caught in a loop or have been trying to achieve a goal but nothing seems to be happening.

There’s a very good chance the ‘robot’ has rolled in town and acted before you know it.

The cool thing is the robot itself is pretty dumb.

It can be hacked.

Michael and I have been playing with some ways in which you can change it, over-ride it, reprogram the robot so it starts doing more of what you want.

So you when your conscious brain says its going to do something, you act.

The TV comes on; you go to the gym and enjoy it.

That beautiful woman or man looks at you and you walk over and start talking. You leave the bar together.

Your boss asks you to present and you rock it.

In short you unlock the hidden key to become way more successful. Happy. Fulfilled.

How’s all this possible?

Because you learn the wily ways of the robot and how to change them.

Discover the secrets to hacking the robot here.

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