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How To Develop Mindfulness In Minutes Using Simple Practices

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Have you ever been scammed?

Doesn’t feel good does it. I don’t know about you but I get spam email daily.

People are dropping their strategies everywhere.

You don't have to ask 'traditional strategy questions' to be able topic up someone's strategy. As you are about to see, it is possible to collect other people's strategies informally.

If you want to be more creative.

If you want to be more productive.

If you want to accomplish more by doing less.

Set constraints on yourself.

There are many reasons people fail to reach their goals. But there is one reason that shows up again and again. They fail to connect what they want to what they need to do – to the tangible behaviours which generate the desired results.Read more...

NLP strategies allow us to capture the specific sequence someone uses to create success. Armed with that knowledge, we have a shortcut we can use to create a similar result in our own lives (or can teach it to others.)

Every day, there are things that occur that people can’t explain. Things that are there but people can’t see. Sounds that were never made, but your brain tricks you into thinking they were spoken.

Everyone wants to change something. For most it falls in to one of two categories:

One Day Or Day one.

Which do you usually decide?

What is a feeling?

It’s an important question. So much of what we do in applying NLP, either on ourselves or with others, relies on our ability to work effectively with emotions and affect states.Read more...

By the very nature that we are constraining our thinking to an existing box, there is a limited set of correct answers or elements that fit within that category.

When we begin to identify where we have taken on habits, patterns of thought and emotion that restrict us, and we reintroduce choice, we give ourselves true personal power. The power to change our life and ultimately our destiny.

Will Smill tells this story beautifully.

Combine what he says with the distinctions above and you instantly begin to train your brain to see and seize new possibilities.

People’s ‘reality strategies’ have been put under stress to the point where many struggle to process the seemingly overwhelming about of (mis)information that abounds. So how to stay sane and cut through the noise? Read more...

No matter what you want to accomplish or experience in your life, there are a set of skills that can quickly help you get the outcome you want in a fraction of the time.

Stop searching for techniques and tactics, instead teach yourself to think like a change master.

Years ago I read a story about a mental asylum... Read more to find out why lunatics never unite...

Watch ex-FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss reveals a secret way to use "Why" that’s used by elite hostage negotiators and sales professionals.

Would you forego a top paying job to become a household name?

Research from YouGov discovered that more than a quarter of millennials would. And millennials aren’t the only ones.

“What do you think about the Havening Technique, does it work?” 

Popular Articles

How do masters of NLP think differently vs. regular students? Find out here.

A decade-long study research conducted by one of Harvard's most eminent professors shows, even smart people are BAD at learning.

Greed. Power. Lust. It drives so much of human behaviour. Look at any TV show or history book and you’ll see stories of scheming, obfuscating and manipulation at work.

There is no success without it. But once you have mastered this -- success falls in to your lap.

NLP is all about the study of successful behaviours. So it’s no surprise that there are a lot of patterns in NLP that are really good for working on specific outcomes.

It's easier than you think.

And quicker to learn than you imagine.

Hint: This one pattern separates the good from the truly great and you can use it for free.

Come behind the curtain and see how Tony Robbins uses NLP to build states, seed beliefs and chains thoughts to a large crowd.

Anchoring is truly one of those magical things that can continue to amaze both the new and experienced NLPers. Learn how...

The following seven tips, are field tested and work whether you are applying to a multi-billion-dollar business or that new start up.

Use them and win.

Learning how to perform at high levels for extended

periods of time is a very valuable skill.

You can have all the time in the world but if you don't have the energy to do what you want; all the time doesn't matter.


NLP offers us a whole host of tools for "covertly communicating" in any situation.

One of the very best questions I have ever heard when it comes to helping yourself or others, came to me from Richard Bandler.

I was on a flight with my partner between Las Vegas and San Francisco and the plane went through a long period of bad turbulence.

Quick quiz: How many of the following statements are true?

Change is another word for learning and learning is at the heart of NLP. Yet many people struggled to design learning experiences that create a change in behaviour. Find out how...

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Adrian Reynolds


"This unique package offers much more than dazzling insight into a key NLP skill: it presents a human and humane approach to NLP that is miles removed from much of what's out there in the market."

Micah Howard


"Truly positive benefits to my life and sense of well being. Everyone needs to take the time to reconnect with that they are really after in life, and NLP Times offers a plentitude of creative, innovative thought programs that are immediately applicable and delivered daily. The system places an angel on every shoulder, whispering wit and wisdom that provokes resilience in an ever-accelerating world."

John Johnston


"I've learned a lot; this kind of information cannot be found anywhere in the current books or on the market or on the “inter nut! ... Anyone wanting to keep current in NLP and to add to their skill-set must take advantage of the NLP Times products. And they have great customer-service.”

Alroy Dcruz


"Ever since I completed the task decomposition course I cannot even express how much my productivity has sky-rocketed! "

Brigitte Nix


"For me, Michael Breen is the Polymath of NLP. The depth of his understanding and expertise in many different contexts that I have witnessed with Michael over the years, is the reason I return again and again. The conversations between Tom and Michael, Tom’s excellent questions, points and summaries make for a great team. And there is the technology which I believe Tom puts together. Fabulous!"

Patrick Fordell


"I read a lot of NLP books and other material. This is by far the best material that has helped me evolve my skills to a new level of understanding and application. Most NLPers sell NLP as a quick-fix-cure of all things. I really enjoy the no B.S attitude of the trainers and the content. I look forward to the new edition every month. Thank you!"

Al Konigsfeld


"I have trained with many of the big names in NLP, and I find [NLP Times's] trainings the best thought out, the easiest to follow, and, for me, the trainings that brought about the greatest increase in skills. It has allowed me to move beyond just techniques."

Caroline Chappel


"If you have a dream or just something you want to be different in your life, but it isn't happening for you, come to this workshop. But don't expect anything ordinary. On the surface Michael introduces you to brilliantly effective strategies. I now have a much more focused approach to what I want to achieve and my work as an illustrator is continuing to grow significantly and bring me immense joy!

Elizabeth Hammond


"There is NO ONE I could recommend more highly than Michael. He brings an exceptional depth and breadth of coaching, consulting and training experience, at all levels, that make him a trusted expert any successful coach or business owner would want to work with. If you get the chance, my advice is jump at it."


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